Sunday, March 17, 2013

So long, Rustan's Superstore Cubao!!!

Rustan's Superstore Cubao (Quezon City, PH) was the in-store way back when, with its huge supermarket, modern interiors, stylish stores, accessible location, and everything else. With the various developments (read: new buildings) ongoing now at the Araneta Center, Rustan's big white structure is a mere fraction of its old self, and its imposing signage has been long gone. Rustan's building has been halved as a start to putting up another of the condos in the area. Short video shows the space (behind the trees) once occupied by Rustan's other half of its building. The remaining half still standing will probably be gone soon, too, as soon as the banks and other small establishments now on site are transferred. I'll miss Rustan's. The same way I'm missing Fiesta Carnival and COD with its animated Christmas display (not the same even if it's in Greenhills now) :) Just have to look back to the memories :)

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