Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korea's fails rocket launch--good!

I'm just one of the citizens all over Asia and the world (except North Korea's leadership and military) who is happy that North Korea's rocket that it was supposed to launch into orbit the other day did not fly (well, it had flown for like a minute, according a news account I read) but instead swam. Dived right into the sea. That rocket was supposed to bring a satellite into space (or something like that) according to NK authorities, but NK's neighboring countries were especially wary that it was could be connected to a missile test or an actual missile itself by NK. These countries had also taken precautions days ahead because of the supposed debris to fall off the rocket once it was zooming up to the sky while passing through the airspace of its neighbors.

I hope that NK despite its supposedly failed rocket launch will stop any moves deemed adversarial by other countries. It may have isolated itself in most ways from the rest of the world but I hope its leadership will still remember that, like the rest of humanity, they're still humans and have responsibilities to their fellow humans (in their own country and globally) in keeping this Earth safe and peaceful. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

More photos of this afternoon's skyline

From Quezon City, Philippines standpoint.

God creates beauty

The sun was shining on its full strength before 3PM this Good Friday. Then after a brief rainshower after 3PM, the sun re-appeared for some beautiful moments of light and shadow interplay. God is truly glorious. He makes all things--even simple things--a beauty to behold. I feel blessed for having witnessed this (in Quezon City, Philippines). I only had seconds to grab a camera, and I was only able to get the smaller one. But it's good that I was still able to capture some part of this heavenly show.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vote for Florence Rafols of Philippines--for Voice of McDonald's

  Please go to

and make your online vote for Florence Rafols, who is representing the Philippines in the finals of the Voice of McDonald's global singing contest on April 23, 2012 in the USA. She will sing Power of Love (originally sung by Celine Dion). Online voting is also being, an additional prize for the contestants. When you open the link, wait for Florence's short music video to finish then vote for her. She is being trained for the contest by two of the Philippines's music stalwarts, singer Basil Valdez and composer Ryan Cayabyab. You can vote daily up to April 23, 2012. Thanks!