Monday, March 21, 2016

Stop the gender discrimination!

i vowed to keep silent muna on social media beginning today, but i'll make this an exception because hearing about this in the news really riled me up, and i guess my reaction anyway is related to the redemption of humanity (although i know i'm not the world's savior), in this case of women as persons, as individuals.
It's indeed alarming that despite all the gains that women have made amid their struggles against sexism and stereotyping, despite all the world conferences that have sought to advance women's situation and also sought their empowerment alongside with that of men, there's still so much discrimination against women that's ongoing, in various fields of society. So many people still mistakenly view women as weak, or say that women are strong but only because men are stronger; who say that women don't deserve equal rights and opportunities; who believe that women should stand behind the men and not alongside them. Gender-sensitization advocacy and activities still have a long way to go. Keep the flame burning, keep the passion alive, gender and development advocates!