Saturday, May 26, 2018

Orphaned baby needs immediate help

See link below for the news about the nine-month-old baby who lost his parents in an accident in the Philippines, a few days ago. Those who want to help with the baby's needs can contact Richelle Peña Robosa, mobile number (Philippines) +63 9503633376; or, visit the pedia ward of the Mother Seton Hospital in Naga City, Bicol province, Philippines.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sick couple needs immediate help


Kin of ailing elderly couple appeal for help

/ 05:02 AM December 19, 2017

Instead of spending the holidays at home, retired University of the Philippines employees Jesus Cabudoy and his wife, Salvacion, are confined in the hospital. The couple were recently admitted to the National Kidney Transplant Institute in Quezon City for different reasons.

Jesus, 79, suffered a massive stroke on Dec. 9 and remains in the intensive care unit after undergoing brain surgery and dialysis.

Three days later, 70-year-old Salvacion was also admitted to the hospital for dengue fever. Their mounting hospital bills and other medical expenses have taken their toll on the family’s finances.
Still, their children hope to bring them home for Christmas, especially since Jesus is turning 80 on Jan. 1.

The Cabudoy siblings are asking for prayers and financial aid.

Donations may be coursed through the bank account of the couple’s son, Jake Cabudoy, at BPI Family Savings Bank (savings account # 0069192092) or through Gofundme ( and Paypal (

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women (and men) celebrate!!!

I wish women (and men) worldwide a beautiful and meaningful celebration of the 2017 "International Women's Day" :)


Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 to all!!!

here's my Merry Christmas tree with a matching short song ("ang Pasko ay sumapit--Christmas has come")

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Being fair

TV host (female) says as parting shot on her show this morning that she gives kudos, in view of the upcoming Father's Day celebration, to mothers who give happiness to their husbands because they take care of the husbands, cook for them, and give them children. 

The remarks of the TV host (who is relatively newly married and recently gave birth to their first born) left me fidgety. I myself am not married and has no kids, but with the host's remarks, I felt for the married women who do not cook or cannot cook (because they lack cooking skills or they lack time to cook, etc.); I felt for the married women (and their husbands) who do not have children because of various reasons, such as they simply do not want to have kids or they cannot bear kids. The TV host's remarks seem to say that these women (those who cannot cook or have not given given birth) do not make their husbands happy. The remarks are uncalled for, disrespectful, and discriminatory.

Women are not required nor should be required to be the ones doing the cooking and other household work. Nor should they be the ones required to just be the ones doing these chores. They are called "household work," not "women's work." The men must do their share of the household work. Especially for married couples, household work should be a joint undertaking, and they should also do joint parenting if they have a kid. That is gender equality.

Society should not also impose that married couples should have kids. Society should not automatically think that married couples who do not have kids are not happy. Society should not immediately judge that a man is not happy if his wife has not given birth. If a married couple does not have a kid, they should be respected for that--whether it is a decision they had to make or for medical reasons. Couples get so much pressure from a society that always asks when they are going to have a child, or why they do not have a child. 

It is in the same vein when society pressures single men and women by always asking when they are getting married, or why they are not married. Cannot single men and women be just as they are--single--whether as a result of a decision made or of circumstance? They certainly do not deserve to be questioned or pressured on their status, much more if the ones asking are themselves having troubled marriages or even separated.  Hahah!  And society must also remember that marriage--if a person does decide to get married or eventually is led by circumstance to marriage--can always come at any age. (Not having kids at a certain "later" age for women should not also be made an issue as this can also be a result of a decision made by the person. And, besides, a childless couple can always decide to adopt. There are many orphans out there who yearn to and deserve to have their own families.)

Monday, June 13, 2016

My version of the song Hanggang

 "Hanggang" means like eternal love. Composed and originally sung by Mr. Wency Cornejo. Voice and photographs are mine. Background music sourced from Youtube.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Stop the gender discrimination!

i vowed to keep silent muna on social media beginning today, but i'll make this an exception because hearing about this in the news really riled me up, and i guess my reaction anyway is related to the redemption of humanity (although i know i'm not the world's savior), in this case of women as persons, as individuals.
It's indeed alarming that despite all the gains that women have made amid their struggles against sexism and stereotyping, despite all the world conferences that have sought to advance women's situation and also sought their empowerment alongside with that of men, there's still so much discrimination against women that's ongoing, in various fields of society. So many people still mistakenly view women as weak, or say that women are strong but only because men are stronger; who say that women don't deserve equal rights and opportunities; who believe that women should stand behind the men and not alongside them. Gender-sensitization advocacy and activities still have a long way to go. Keep the flame burning, keep the passion alive, gender and development advocates!