Monday, March 16, 2009


I found out today that the Word of God page of the official site of Lourdes in France has been hacked. When you open the page, you get the message: hacked by foreversilam

I don't know since when the page has been hacked, since I've not been able to open the site for about a week now. I usually open it everyday to read the Gospel and to listen to the Rosary recitation. It's good the hacker hasn't reached yet the Rosary page and the other pages of the site, I think.

The nerve of that hacker!

It's good that there's a "contact us" page in the site. I've already reported the problem to them (although I'm quite sure their IT person has been aware of it).

Wonder Woman, indeed!!!

Awesome!!! Wonder Woman sings!!! Lynda Carter's character Wonder Woman was one of my TV idols in my childhood. I knew she dabbled in singing even when she was still on that show. But I didn't know that she made a career out of it, after the show folded. And she's still having tours in the USA till now. Well, if not for the Internet, I wouldn't have known about that. Her no-frills style of singing and her no-frills-easy-to-listen-to voice appeal to me :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More gems

...from YouTube, that is: Mr. Diengly Sad, El Día Que Me Quieras, Café da Manhã, Se todos fossem guais a você (with a bit of narration at the start), and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. El Dia is a wonderful Richard Clayderman (the pianist) version. He has wonderful versions, too, of Se todos and Cafe da Manha, but I don't think they're in YouTube. Or, maybe there are downloable versions (without video) somewhere in the Internet, if you can find them. That is, if you want to hear Richard's versions of the two selections. There's also an embed version below of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, another beautiful melody that haunted me in my younger years. Funny thing though, I couldn't recall the title of this melody until I came across it a few years ago in a David Grusin album, with his own version. Turns out that the melody is the theme music of a film that I saw on TV when I was in grade school or high school (that would be the hot seventies to even hotter early eighties). And from seeing that film, the melody stuck on my mind. But first off, before the videos, there's a link to the song Absolutely Free, Absolutely Beautiful, another one with a haunting melody. Unfortunately, its YouTube video doesn't have an embed version, so I can't put the video here. You have to link directly to YouTube. (Oh, by the way, clicking some of the videos below will lead you to other nice instrumentals that are linked within the videos.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy IWD!!!

International Women's Day (IWD), March 8, falls on a Sunday this year. It's an event that's been celebrated yearly since 1911. According to, it's always up to each country and group to decide the theme by which they will appropriately celebrate IWD. May all the women in the world continue to have various opportunities for self-growth. May all girl-children have the chance to be educated. May all societies continue to break the stereotypes that have bound women for so long. Go, sisters!!!