Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recyclables Fair, Philippines

Ayala Foundation's sked for March 2012 for its Recyclables Fair (Philippines)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston funeral, Feb. 18, 2012, live stream in about three hours from now

Press or copy the link above to watch the live stream, courtesy of GMA News Network (Philippines), as announced in GMA News' Twitter account @gmanews

To quote:
Watch the livestream of the funeral of singer Whitney Houston, starting at 9:00PM PHL time on Sat. Feb 18...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston and Karen Carpenter--both died in February

When I heard that great singer Whitney Houston passed away, for some reason I suddenly remembered the demise years ago of another great singer, Karen Carpenter. Why I connected together their deaths, perhaps because they both died at young ages (Whitney in her 40s, Karen in her 30s) (although I'm not saying that in prejudice to "older" people), both died suddenly, and both left a rich legacy of music to be enjoyed by generations then, now, and in future.

And just now, I found out through the Internet that, curiously enough, Whitney and Karen both died on a February. A week apart (of course, many years apart). And, if I may sound cheesy on this one, both died a few days before Valentine's Day. And to think that these two wonderful women helped the world celebrate love through their very popular love songs that to this date bring warmth to many hearts. Perhaps, the heavens made sure that Whitney and Karen won't leave us on V-Day itself, pardon me for saying that, because for sure many of their fans and music lovers in general would be even more heartbroken if they should lose these two ladies on the day that they helped to make special with their songs.

To Whitney--and to Karen--thanks for all the talent and the music you've shared with us, and the memories that your songs will continue to create beautifully in this world.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Young Filipino cancer victim needs help

I saw this appeal for in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a newspaper in the Philippines. You might want to help this young cancer victim. Prayers will also help. Thanks!

Cancer victim needs help

Eight-year-old Ella Flor Homeres showed early promise at her school at the Grace Montessori of Novaliches (Philippines) finishing second grade with honors. But Flor’s life changed almost a year ago when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Her parents, both staff at the Department of Education (DepEd-Philippines), are appealing to kind hearts for help.

Now on her second month of treatment at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Ella is in dire need of chemotherapy. Her mother, Flora, an employee at DepEd’s Bureau of Secondary Education, and father Junell, a contractual worker at DepEd’s Bureau of Alternative Learning System, can no longer afford her costly treatment.

To help, you may contact Flora at +639208435949 or Junell at +639203799767. You may also deposit any amount to Josephine Flora Homeres’ account 334-500-4377 with Landbank Philippines.