Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Women's Month 2013

I wish that all women will be able to exercise their rights, and enjoy all benefits and opportunities on equal footing with men. While many world conferences on women have been held, a number of covenants and agreements on gender equality and promotion have been signed by different nations, and many countries have made great strides in gender equality advocacy and promotion,  sexism still occurs in various levels in society. In some cases, sexism (especially discrimination against women) occurs in small scale (such as in the household level--e.g., delegating housework only to girls and women because it's supposed to be "women's work") that sometimes we tend to dismiss it as nothing else. But when such sexism occurs everyday in many places in different situations and nothing is done about it, eventually all these "little incidents" merge to become large cases and hard-to-reverse sexist and gender-insensitive situations. 

Here's hoping more women and more men will be enlightened enough to end discrimination because of sex. So that every year, the celebration of International Women's Day (March 8) and Women's Month every March will become more and more meaningful and joyous.

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