Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cat gone!

Yaina (black and white) and Jessica (brown and white) are BFFCs (bestfriend forever cats). They live semi-permanently in our garage. But Yaina went missing a few days ago, after my sister narrowly missed hitting him with the car. But I told my sister that maybe, just maybe, she did hit him--perhaps in the head, giving him amnesia and now he doesn't know how to go back to our house (though maybe he's with the real owner now, our neighbor two houses away. Well, I think they're the real owners). And, so, Jessica remains in our garage, being an orphan now. His mom YogaCat was already taken away by another neighbor who transferred homes early this month. His dad? Who knows who the father is? Heheh. But Jessica (yes, Jessica's a he, so nice name, huh?) maybe won't miss Yaina too much because he joins other cats in our garage who come visiting us from other houses for the free food and water :) I mean, who can resist not feeding a hungry, meowing cat? And, hey, they've become friends with our friendly family poodle. But I'll miss Yaina. As a kitten, I used to carry him in the pocket of my housedress :) A few years ago, I lost another cat named Panching whom I raised after adopting him from SPCA. I trained him to shake hands (or shake cat paw with human hand). He went missing also a few days after we transferred homes. Now, I will miss two cats. And, so, that's my cat story for today :)

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