Saturday, March 31, 2012

My famous corned beef dish :)

Here's how to do my "famous" corned beef dish. Hope you enjoy eating "Toinkgirl's Corned Beef Dish" heheh.

1. Corned beef in can
2. Corn kernel in can
3. Garlic--pre-toasted slices
4. Garlic--fresh, to be toasted
5. Slices of red bell pepper
6. Sliced tomatoes
8. Slice potatoes
9. Sliced onions
10. Salt
11. Oil and water

Note: Quantities of the ingredients depend on how much corned beef you're going to make (and eat!). The more the more the other ingredients, of course.

1. Pre-heat oil with some water on a pan (yes, i mix oil with some water).
2. Put in numbers 4 to 9 of the above ingredients in the pan, and mix them all together. Put in some fine salt, and mix again to distribute the salt.
3. When your mix-up dries up a bit (or becomes a bit toasted), lower your heat.
4. While you're doing steps 1 to 3, you have gotten out the corned beef from the can and already cooking it in another pan where there's put in some oil already. Don't put in much oil if you don't want an oily corned beef.
5. Put in some fine salt on the corned beef and mix. 
6. After a few minutes and before the juice in your corned beef dries up, put in the other ingredients you've already cooked. Mix them all up.
7. Every now and then, mix the corned beef your cooking. Fire should be moderately high. When the juice of the corned is about to dry or is already dry, you can put out the fire. (To my taste buds, dry or a bit dry corned beef tastes better.)
8. Transfer the corned beef to a deep dish. Put in the corn kernels and pre-toasted garlic.

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