Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot, hot, hot in the Philippines! Time for "halo-halo"!

With the temperature reaching to more than 30 degrees Celsius on a daily basis since about late February this year, Philippines is one hot country! Time to hit the air-conditioned malls and, with a bit more expense, the pools or the beaches (Philippines is THE Beach Country!). Ice cream melts faster than you can say "Mabuhay!"--the local term for "Long live!", "Hello!", or a similar greeting. So, you'd better take your ice cream fast :) Of course, there's the old reliable "halo-halo" to also keep you cool. "Halo-halo" (or "mix-mix" literally and figuratively) is a Philippine favorite refreshment of different types of beans, crunchies, coconut thingies, flan, ice cream, and other delicious stuff mixed together with milk and crushed ice in a glass! It's easily available in malls and stores in the Philippines in summer (now!) and, usually, all-year round. Ummmm.

Here's how "halo-halo" commonly looks like. Like it? Grab it! :)

(Internet photo)
Hope you're keeping cool in your country!

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