Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dragon Fireworks a dud

The Philippines is now seriously considering a total fireworks ban because of the increasing number of casualties (injuries and deaths) and amount of pollution happening with each New Year's Eve celebration in the country. I'm all for the total ban, even I myself love fireworks (the beautiful colored ones that light the sky, not the noisy firecrackers). In fact, I have downgraded my purchase and use of fireworks in every passing year, although I'm not really one of those people who spend so much for pyrotechnics. I just enjoy watching in the sky how much money they've burned :)

In New Year's Eve to usher in 2012, I was down to one pack of sparklers with long handles (10 or 12 pieces in a pack) and a fountain. I bought them from a stall of Dragon Fireworks in a mall. Each one cost more than a hundred pesos. Dragon has always been my choice of fireworks. I've trusted no other fireworks manufacturer for beauty and safety. In fact, I almost bought from another fireworks manufacturer in the same mall just for the thought of trying out something different. But I still bought from Dragon in the end.

Well, it was a waste of money certainly. The fountain was alright, although I wished that its lights would have went a bit higher. But the sparklers were a dud! For the first time in years that I've been using Dragon sparklers, only about three or four pieces in the pack lighted up. My mother and sister were certainly disappointed because sparklers were the only ones that they've been lighting up in the past years.

Dragon Fireworks, made in Bulacan province in the Philippines, touts itself as one of the best, if not the best, in the industry. But it really let me down. Because of the fact that I really know I wasted precious money on Dragon's non-lighting sparklers and my guilt that I contribute to pollution however little fireworks I light up, I've decided that this will be the end of my "fireworks days."

New Year's Eve 2013, I'll be a noisy as I can be with various noisemakers, and will bring out bottles of bubble to do some serious bubble-making with the electric fan full blast.

Happy New Year!

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