Friday, November 4, 2011

Ramona Revilla allegedly flies to HK--sign of guilt or what?

Some people say that when someone accused of a wrongdoing (e.g., a crime) takes flight, it's a sign of guilt. Well, I just saw a breaking news tonight on TV that Ramona Revilla, one of those being implicated as a suspect in the recent murder of her brother (Ram) and attempted murder on Ram's girlfriend a few nights ago in a plush village south of Manila, has supposedly just flown to Hong Kong (HK) through the Manila airport.

The large and rich Revilla clan is well-known in the Philippines's showbusiness and political circles. Actors and politicians make up this clan. The events in the past days involving the murder of Ram and the subsequent tagging by the police of Ramona and another brother as main suspects in the murder has inevitably captured the attention of every Filipino. The accusations have also rocked the Revilla family into a frenzy of denials about their kins' involvement. Ramona, after giving an initial statement to the police on her version of what happened, couldn't be found for a few days after the crime. Earlier today, she suddenly surfaced to deny the accusations and retract her previous statement given to the police. But with her surprising alleged flight tonight to HK amid her and her family's denials of her and her brother's involvement in the grisly crime, more questions are raised and begged to be answered.

The brother also being tagged as a suspect (and co-mastermind of Ramona, in fact) is, by the way, already being held by the police. But his lawyer is accusing the police of illegal detention or a similar case. Ram's girlfriend is still being hospitalized for the serious wounds she got when she and Ram were attacked. Her version on how the attack happened and whom she saw as their attackers would be really be interesting to hear.

The plot thickens as this real-life telenovela unfolds with more surprises and revelations, and accusations and denials, every day.

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