Monday, November 14, 2011

100 Days to Heaven nears end--Kuha mo?!

"100 Days to Heaven" is a primetime drama series on Philippines's ABS-CBN Channel 2. The series started in May 2011 and will end this week. It's airing nightly Monday to Friday. When the series ends, it will be much missed by its viewers who've been touched in many ways not only but its wonderful storyline but also by the great acting of its lead actors. Connie Reyes and Xyriel Manabat are among the actors in this series that have hooked with their acting chops the viewers who've lovingly watched this series from start to finish (and that includes me and my family!). Connie plays the character "Madam Anna Manalastas," a successful but much-feared businessperson who was murdered (killer unknown). When she dies, she's sent back to Earth by a character, presumably St. Peter, to have a chance to make up for the bad she did while still alive. This arrangement was to save Anna from hell to which she was supposedly destined to because of being a "bad person" in her lifetime. But the hitch is that Anna is sent back as an adult in the form of a child (actually how Anna supposedly looked like when she was small), played to perfection by cute seven-year-old Xyriel Manabat. Big Anna has the habit of retorting to people "Kuha mo?" (or "Get it?") in her high-pitched voice. Of course, in her teeny high-pitched voice, little Anna (but actually adult Anna) shared the same habit. And one of Anna's mistakes-to-correct-on-Earth is finding and making up with her child Trisha. Anna gave up Trisha for adoption after giving birth to her as a teenage single parent. And, as the storyline goes, Trisha turned out to be Sophia, who was part of the family that "adopted" Anna when she came back to Earth as a child. (Sophia doesn't know at the start that she's adopted by the family that she's known for so long and that Anna's her real mom. In fact, she doesn't know that she's the heir of rich Anna.)

Clever dialogues, credible and creative storyline, many lessons in life to pick up from many episodes, memorable scenes, good acting by the main cast and also the guest actors every week, a beautiful theme song ("Mahiwaga," a classic Filipino song)
and more factors conspired together to make this series one of the best that a local TV network has produced. Hopefully in the years to come, Philippines's TV networks will produce more such good shows. These good shows make staying home and watching them with the family a great time for bonding.

Poster of "100 Days to Heaven," featuring adult Anna (Connie Reyes), and Anna as a child (Xyriel Manabat). (Photo source: Internet)

In this promo photo, Anna as a child (Xyriel Manabat) bonding with her daughter Sophia/Trisha (Jodie Sta. Maria). (Photo source: Internet)

In this promo photo, big Anna and little Anna pose at a shooting break with Anna's long-lost Mom played by Susan Roces. Susan was only one of the many popular actors who guested in the series. These actors played characters that have, in one way or another, been part of Anna's life when she was alive and to which she had to correct some not-so-good thing she'd done to them. (Photo source: Internet)

This the appearance of the cast of "100 Days to Heaven" on November 6, 2011 on TV show "ASAP Rocks," prior to their last week of airing. Fatima Soriano leads the singing of the series theme song "Mahiwaga" (literally meaning "magical," "a source of wonder." (Youtube source: channel owner )..

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