Saturday, February 19, 2011

maria aragon sings born this way by lady gaga

10-year-old Maria Aragon, a Canadian of Filipino bloodline, captures Lady Gaga's heart and makes the supercelebrity tweet about how this kid made her cry with her rendition of the latter's hit song. Maria also gains instant virtual fans around the globe as her self-uploaded YouTube video with her singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga now has more than 6M hits.

I'm not Lady Gaga's fan, but how this little kid from Winnipeg plays the piano AND sings without missing a beat is truly great! At least, Maria's rendition of the song made me like its melody. And I saw another YouTube video yesterday where a radio station in Canada hooked up Maria with Lady Gaga through phone. Actually, it was quite touching how Lady Gaga reached out to her little fan just over the phone. It was like seeing another (very personal) side to big celebrity like Lady Gaga.

I do hope the best for this little girl who just seemed to have wanted a little fun but has now started to gain some fame. May her obvious talent bring her to places while her feet remain planted on the ground.

Video taken from Maria's YouTube channel.

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