Saturday, February 5, 2011

I pray for Egpyt

Egypt needs everyone's prayers these days. May the many days of uncertainty, near violence, and the massing of people on the streets have a peaceful resolution.

I remember my own country the Philippines's "people power" revolution in 1986 when hundreds of thousands to millions of Filipinos congregated on major roads of the country in a show of force to the dictator President Marcos. People simply got fed up with the alleged excesses of his government for so many years, highlighted in the latter years by the killing of his chief critic then former Senator Aquino, followed by a snap presidential election that pitted Marcos against Aquino's wife Cory. After the believed widespread rigging of the election (and the televised walkout of computer personnel from the national counting being done then where the results were being said to be manipulated), everything went awry, and in the end, Marcos and family flew out to Hawaii, where the former strongman finally met his Creator. (But now his family is pretty much back in power, and much of their "hidden wealth" is still hidden, but that's another story).

But now I pray that God will bless the people power being done by the Egyptians, and with His mighty wisdom, He will see to it that justice will finally be achieved by these people. I hope that Shahira, an Egyptian I met in the early 1990s, and her family are safe.

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