Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shocking news almost everyday...

Almost everyday, I read of shocking news happening anywhere in the world. The Internet has made it possible for reporters to file their news quickly and for readers to immediately get hold of these articles. Who hasn't heard of the mother (in the USA, I think) who's been found out recently to have killed her babies right after she gave birth to them? Or of another mother who kept her dying babies (or left them to die) in a suitcase (also in the USA, I believe)?

Indeed, the shocking news becomes even more shocking when kids or young children are the victims. One can just wonder these how helpless young ones could be made to suffer pain and agony, sometimes leading to their demise.

Just the other day, I read also in the Internet of a five-year-old girl in a province in the Philippines, who died after being beaten up by her brothers aged about 9 and 10. She was already dying when her mother got home, and was buried immediately the next day, according to the news account. The police report mentioned that the victim's mother was always beaten up by the father (who became missing after the child's death) in full view of the children. The police report also said that the brothers beat up their poor sister after she refused to do an errand for them but that they didn't intend to kill her. For me, it's obvious that the brothers imbibed their father's beating habits after seeing him doing this to their mother.

I pray for the soul of the young girl. I also pray that the violence running in her family will be stemmed out.

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