Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not to miss--Sonny Camarillo and Lea Salonga

At the Cinema Level of Trinoma Mall, North Avenue, Quezon City, until August 23, 2010: well-known Filipino photographer Sonny Camarillo's splendid images ranging from the time of the assassination (1983) of Philippines Sen. Ninoy Aquino from the People Power Revolution (1986) that catapulted Ninoy's widow Cory to the presidency replacing dictator Ferdinand Marcos, to the last moments of Cory with the people, a few months before her death in 2009, and to her funeral march that equalled the length and breadth of her husband's own funeral. A photo-exhibit, being held in honor of Ninoy and Cory's death anniversaries both in August, not to miss for its historical and artistic value.

At the Cultural Center of the Philippines (or CCP, which is incidentally, a structure put up under the regime of Marcos) in Roxas Blvd, Pasay City, until August 22, 2010: CATS, the musical play with music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, with "Memory" as probably the most famous song in this play. This version of the play has mostly an Australian cast, but Filipino international actor and singer Tony-winner Lea Salonga (as "Grizabella") gets the honor of bringing this song to life in this play at the CCP, with her beautiful, strong, and soulful rendition. They have afternoon and evening shows, everyday.

A standing ovation to Sonny Camarillo and Lea Salonga--great artists both.

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