Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Queuing up couldn't hurt, unless you're already very hungry, I guess

Last week, I was in a line of lunch-goers waiting for two cashiers to call us one by one at a fastfood-style Japanese restaurant in SM North Edsa mall in Quezon City. Many people at the tables crowded the not-so-large store, but the line that was almost diagonal to the cashiers’ posts couldn’t be missed being seen by someone entering the store. As I was waiting for my turn to be called, from the door came a woman and a man couple who planted themselves behind a customer who was at the cashier at the inner end of the store. The cashier was just a few steps from my line, and I saw for myself how the couple went directly to the cashier from the door. I looked to the line’s end and saw how rather far it had extended to near the door. When the customer in front of the couple had finished transacting with the cashier, the cashier shouted “Next!” The couple advanced to the cashier and gave their food order. The cashier hesitated for a moment and asked the woman if they came from the line. The woman loudly replied in the affirmative and gave again their order to the cashier. I hope she and the man had a good meal.

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