Friday, February 19, 2010

The Golden Girls are alive and well in the Internet!

“The Golden Girls” or TGG was a hit American TV series in the 1980s. It’s a sitcom about the city adventures of four women in Miami, in their 50s to 80s—one divorcee and her mom, and two widowed women—who lived together in a house owned by one of them. When the series was showing in the Philippines that time, I didn’t get to watch it often, although I knew it was a funny show, based on some episodes I watched. Thus it’s really good that I get to watch it now on the Internet! On the site, a broadcaster named “Madonnagaga” shows the golden ladies in-between some episodes of other old (but not so old as the golden ladies’ show) series and some videos of singers Madonna and Lady Gaga. But most of the time, Madonnagaga, a “he” I think, shows TGG. It’s amazing how old but good (and funny) shows have found new life on the Internet, although some of them, of course, have reruns on TV once in a while.

But with the Internet, it seems that these old series reach more homes (and offices, for those who view from offices—but not at the expense of your work, you hear! :)) and more countries. And everybody seems to like the golden ladies as there’s almost always someone who watches and mentions in the open chat room of Madonnagaga’s channel that she or he is glad to have found the channel in, since she or he had always loved TGG. There are also some of the newer generation who have seen the series for the first time through that channel, and say that they also love it.

The Internet, and broadcast sites like have given new life (and medium) to TV shows like TGG that seem not to grow old. They are as fresh as ever. The lines are still funny, the acting is solid gold performance (the actors in the show have won awards for the TGG), the genuine camaraderie among the lead stars very much evident in every scene. Estelle Getty (Sophia) and Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy), who played mother and daughter in the show have since passed away (Estelle in 2008, and Beatrice in 2009). Rue McLanahan (Blanche—the house owner on the show) had a bypass and mild stroke between late 2009 to early 2010. Betty White (Rose), famous for playing in TGG the “innocent” but sweet lady from St. Olaf, a quaint if strange town going by Rose's many accounts to her housemates about her town, has remained quite active with some TV and movie appearances. In fact, in a recent affair in America where she was given a lifetime achievement award, she said something about her still raring to go after she turned 88 a few days before the affair. On the Internet screen, the girls remain up and about, dishing out their lines with gusto, tickling every viewer’s funny bones. Showing how the diverse backgrounds of their characters have enriched and strengthened their oneness as friends.

TGG rules!

Photos below are screen captures from Madonnagaga’s channel showing the TGG; and Betty, Beatrice, and Rue receiving an award a few years ago sans Estelle who was ill at that time.

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