Saturday, September 20, 2014

My cover of Carpenters' Love Me for What I Am

This is just an audio file, folks! I can't upload the images in a supposedly video file. I love the Carpenters singing duo. The Carpenters has sung some of the most melodious songs ever composed (and, of course, there's the beautiful voice of Karen and the fantastic arrangements of Richard). I always almost go first for the melody of a song even before I can get to know the lyrics. And the melody of this song "Love Me for What I Am" is one of the nicest ones to hear from the Carpenters' array of hits. 

Here's my singing version of the song. Although my voice falters a bit toward the last part (at 2:53) hahah! Hope you still enjoy listening to my version, though. You can take aspirin after :)

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