Friday, December 27, 2013

Benoit tracks bring back nostalgia

Now listening to some David Benoit tracks on my external hard drive as I try to write something on my computer. Listening to Benoit makes me long to play again my long-playing (LP) records now gathering some dust in the turntable stereo-cabinet. Records give out that certain crisp sound quality I seldom find in compact discs. Plus there's that nostalgia in playing old records that I've either bought years back or handed down to me by my elder siblings and my parents. I also remember that times that I would listen to the records together with my parents, who are now in their '80s and quite sickly. My records collection (LPs and 45s) isn't really that extensive, but there are choice pieces--like Xavier Cugat, Richard Clayderman, Liberace, Olivia Newton-John, Ray Conniff singers, of course, Benoit, to name a few.

My turntable's long been busted, and I don't have the budget yet to buy a new one. The old one was actually bought for our family by an older sibling, who had a portable stereo set in her younger days. It's been repaired twice that extended its life a bit more. Now, it serves as a table for our television set. Its speakers serve as sidetables for some living room decor.

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