Sunday, November 4, 2012

My beloved ageing parents

Yesterday, I visited the wake for the father of a friend of mine. As I viewed a few steps away from where I sat the remains of the old man lying in state, and as I listened to the brief recollections being told about him, I was once again reminded of how blessed I am that my dear Mom, at 79, and my dear Dad, at 87, are still with us their six children and 12 grandkids. 

My parents may not be in the best of health now, but in their best of health then, they were there for us their children, and even up to now in their own ways. Caring for ageing parents can sometimes be a daunting experience, as it can really test one's patience and understanding. But I guess that is nothing compared to what parents have to undergo to rear their children well. Coming from the wake, I was glad to see and be with my Mom and Dad at our home. And I vowed to try even harder to be more patient, appreciative, and understanding of my ageing parents. ;)

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