Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From crib to arms to frying pan...

Some horrifying news about children that I read today on the Internet and saw on television:

A seven-month-old infant slipped from the arms of her mother while she was busy cooking. From the mother’s arms to the frying pan, the baby suffered severe burns in her face and body, and is being treated in a hospital. This happened in a province in the Philippines.

A three-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped from his home by a person who pretended to the househelp that he (or she) was a sibling of the boy’s mother. The parents had left the boy with the househelp while they were out for the day. The househelp was hired by the family only about two months ago. In a later statement to the police, the househelp said that she entrusted the child to the person who had pretended to be the mother’s sibling because that person supposedly just wanted to take the child to a nearby store. Interviewed later on TV news, the kid’s mother was understandably frantic and was tearfully appealing for help for the return of the child. She really looked and sounded devastated because aside from suffering from the kidnapping of her child, she said that she was still grieving from the death of her other child (younger than the missing one) just about a year ago. This happened in a city in the Philippines.

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