Thursday, June 3, 2010

Youngest mobile texter ever!

Indeed, that’s what I’d call the one-and-a-half-year old grandkid of a friend of mine who was toying with her mobile phone at the time that I texted her last Sunday. I got two blank replies from my friend right after I texted her. The replies came seconds apart. And I wondered if the blank messages meant that my friend acknowledged that she got my text, or there was something wrong with her phone, which was unlikely. The next day when I got to talk to my friend, she amusingly recalled that around the time that I texted her, she was talking to her mother-in-law and she did notice through her peripheral vision that her grandkid who was playing on the floor behind here got her phone which was on the back of her seat. But she didn’t mind that because she knew that her phone was locked. But she also recalled that after a while, her grandkid was looking at her from time to time while toying with her phone, while still slumped on the phone. And that must have been the time that the child was “answering” my text. True enough, we confirmed the incident by recalling the time of that moment, which was about 6PM, the time that I texted her.

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