Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve
here in the Philippines.
Probably the last of the Christmas-
caroling kids have passed by our house and
have gotten their share of the candies and coins
we've prepared for them. In the background, I hear some
fireworks exploding as some people start an early
celebration of
Christmas, usually after the Catholic Christmas
mass being held in
various churches. Mobile phones
have started to
get busy as people have
started to send out
Christmas greetings to family and friends.
In many homes,
families are putting finishing touches
to their meals prepared for the celebration
of Christmas Eve or noche buena.
For some families, welcoming Christmas on midnight

is a grand feast. For others, like for my family, it is a simple gathering, with a
prayer to the
Almighty who is the reason for the season.
Maligayang Pasko.
Merry Christmas.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

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