Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twitter Tweet Retweet

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites around the globe, although I don’t know how useful it has been for non-English-speaking citizens. Anyway, I find it interesting how the people behind Twitter has managed to put some sense into quickly interchanging (or using) the “i” and “ee” in between the “tw” and “tter” to mean different, although somewhat related, words pertaining to Twitter. As a basic example, consider the following: Twitter is the name of the site. Tweets are posts on Twitter sent by Twitterers (a user of Twitter, the site). (But Ztwitt means to tweet very quickly.) Retweets are posts of Twitterers that are posted by other Twitters. Twithead is someone who is constantly twittering, but a Tweetaholic is someone who is addicted to Twitter, which might already indicate an actual problem, it is said (gasp!). (To be Attwicted also means to be addicted to Twitter.) By the way, a Twitterer is a user of Twitter, a term that is also similar, however, to a Tweeter, who is, in turn, a Java-based client with customizable URL (see?).

Twittonary.com lists more explanations of Twitter-related words, from letters A to Z, with some twit or tweet words derived from “old/ordinary” words, given new spelling or twist (or tweest?) as they can apply to Twitter. But words are yet to be listed under the letters V and X. Perhaps the Twitter staff doing the Twittonary has, for the moment, run out of bright ideas and still drawing up twit or tweet words to put under V and X. Twitter users worldwide can perhaps send Twitter dot com some of their “brighttweet” ideas. Hmmm, brighttweet. Hey, Twitter! Can I suggest you add "brighttweet" under letter B, please? (I guess I don't have to explain what the word means.) Or, maybe you prefer it to be spelled "brighttwit"? Now, I'm suddenly confused if it's Tweety Bird or Twitty Bird? :)

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