Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bump! oUcH!!!

Yesterday, I bumped my forehead on the ref’s freezer door. Huh? How’d that happen? Well, I was just so sure that I had closed the freezer door after getting something from the freezer, and I turned around to put that thing on the dinner table next to the ref. As I always move fast, I quickly stepped past the ref on my way to the dirty kitchen of our home. Bump! Ouch! The left part of my forehead hit the protruding hard plastic tray of the open freezer door. A good lump and a bit of wound on my forehead I not-so-proudly wear today.

That’s me, always bumping, usually my head, into something. Like the low ceiling of a jeepney or a tricycle (local transport vehicles). Or a low-hanging part of a roof while I was going up on the stairs under it (this happened years ago, and that one surely hurt). Or a toilet sink, when I bent down to the floor to pick up something and bumped my head on corner of the sink while I was getting up!

Me, clumsy? Hmmm, I don’t think I am. Maybe, I’m just almost always in a hurry and thinking of something while going in a hurry that’s why I tend to run into inanimate objects. Well, yeah, maybe on that note I AM clumsy. :)

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