Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farrah Fawcett's story

Just yesterday, I read on the Internet that "Farrah's Story" will be showing on US television this week. It's a documentary of the story of Farrah Fawcett and her struggle with cancer, which started as anal cancer and spread to her liver, despite some periods of remission and vigorous forms of treatment. Farrah, of course, is one of the original cast of "Charlie's Angels," the super-hit show of the late 1970s to early 1980s. This show was one of my favorites back then, as it was also the favorite of other teeners who grew up enamoured at the adventures of three women who emerged with nary a scratch after tracking down and battling criminals. Of course, there was also the reliable Bosley, the other "angel" cum alter-ego to Charlie, the "boss" whose voice over the telephone was the nearest thing that the angels could have of him as he gave the marching orders to the angels on every assignment. Now that I'm an adult watching reruns of Charlie's Angels on TV or on DVD, I can understand, digest, and appreciate the show more than I was still younger. I think it's really not all jiggle as some critics then were saying, but the show did try to put across the idea of empowered women, able to use brain and even brawn--aside from or despite their looks--in solving crimes and what-not. There were even episodes that were nicely written and acted well, including scenes that were light enough to be humorous thus a welcome diversion from all the drama and suspense.

David Doyle (Bosley) passed away in the mid-1990s. And now, Farrah is terribly sick, under heavy medication to ease her suffering. She has gained the admiration of many for her bravery in facing her situation, as she also gained the admiration of so many women before who became Farrah look-alikes, wavy hair and all. Her family and close friends are still hoping for the best for Farrah, and they are asking for prayers.

In 2006, Farrah, Jacklyn Smith, and Kate Jackson--the original cast--got together in a rare reunion in paying tribute to then newly departed Aaron Spelling, their former producer. This was at the Emmy Awards in the USA. Shortly after this appearance, Farrah was diagnosed with cancer (Jacklyn and Kate has their own battles with cancer earlier). Here is a YouTube video of that Emmy reunion, courtesy of Mamobox. I'm reposting it here as a little tribute to the show, and to Farrah.

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