Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PNP at it again?

The recent news that a recently retired top cop of the Philippines and his wife were held at a Russian airport prior to their departure back to the Philippines is really disturbing. They are still holed up at a Russian hotel as of today (I think the incident happened last Friday yet) while they are awaiting documents from the Philippines (to be translated to Russian) that will supposedly prove that the excessive amount of undeclared euros that they were carrying to fly back home is "legal money." Philippine National Police (PNP) top brass back home are now busy explaining to the media that the big money that the retired cop and wifey were carrying was for contingency, in case they and their co-Filipino delegates to the convention in Russia would suddenly need money in far-away Russia/Europe. But the inquisitive Filipino media is also asking other questions aside from the origin of the large amount of money. Questions like why is this former top cop still in the official delegation when he's already retired, albeit just recently? And whose paying for the expenses of the four wives of four Filipino official (government/police) delegates, especially since the Philippine government is now on a cost-cutting binge? I just hope that all this ends well. If not, this could be one more proof for some Filipinos who always find (dis)pleasure in saying that even (Filipino) cops, just like ordinary criminals, are very good in breaking the very laws that they're supposed to implement.

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admin said...

this is indeed disturbing news.

i am not sure whether i am more alarmed that they are being held by Russian authorities in a foreign soil or that they are carrying a large unexplained amount of money while the retired cop's very presence is questionable in itself. why was he in the delegation??

hmmm, looks like they have some explaining to do. keep us posted!